Digital artist and squid enthusiast

Hello! I'm Taro, a digital artist who's a huge fan of Nintendo games, american cartoons, anime and manga. I love to participate in art zines and sometimes re-animate/MAP projects. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or inquiries!

Zine Work

I love to give myself challenges and organise group projects. In the last couple of years, I've taken a huge interest in fan zines and even hosted my own! Here are all the illustrations I did for various fan zines.

BNHA: True ColorsPhysical, for profitAugust 2018Artist
Prince of TurfDigital, for charityDecember 2018Artist
Grand Line GirlsPlanned physicalNever publishedArtist
INKO++Digital, for funJune 2018Artist
Squid BeatsDigital, for charityJanuary 2019Host, artist
SpectrumPhysical, for charityTBAArtist

Squid Beats was an amazing experience for me and it defenitely encouraged me to host more zines in the future. If you're currently making a Splatoon zine (I'm not active in other communities as of now) and need an extra mod, send me a DM and I might take your offer!

I can do illustrations like these as commissions, however they are a huge time investment (10h+, sometimes over 20) and I can't justify making them for under 130$ USD at minimum. Please contact me for a quote if you're interested.

Commissions are currently OPEN!

Commissions must be paid fully upfront and are not refundable. Paypal invoice only! (Other methods can be discussed if you are a trusted customer)
Please go here for more examples! (leads to a Google Drive folder)

Icon: 27$ USD/icon (+5$ for a complex design)

A 1000 or 1200 px square Icon of a headshot of your character. No big props or weapons. BG can be a simple pattern, a solid color or a gradient (up to client).

Bust: 27$ USD/character (+5$ for a complex design)

Busts are similar to icons, but they are framed in a way that show your character fully. They have a simple geometric shape background that make the character stand out. I can give a transparent PNG on request. No big props/weapons.

Half Body: 48$ USD/character (+10$ for a big prop/weapon or complex design)

Half bodies show your character fully. They have a simple geometric shape background that make the character(s) stand out (or a simple solid/gradient BG). I can give a transparent PNG on request. I will charge extra if your character or the prop they have is very detailed or complex.

Have something a bit more specific in mind? I can do that too! Just contact me for a quote.

Terms and Conditions (TOS)

Clients may use their commission for any personnal use they can think of, such as icons, avatars, banners for a non-monetized platform, printing at home, etc. They can also share them online using the low-res file that I will provide.

Clients cannot edit my signature out, hide my signature (if it can be avoided), edit the commission in any way that would change it significantly, ask or pay someone else to edit my work, claim it as their own, share the high resolution file online, use the commission to make a profit or use it to customize any kind of physical goods via websites (Society 6, Zazzle, Redbubble, Spoonflower, etc.).

Clients CANNOT use their commission on monetized platforms of any kind, such as Youtube, Twitch, Patreon, Ko-Fi and anything similar. If they intend to do so, the TOS and prices will change. Quotes are calculated on a case by case basis.

As the artist, I reserve the right to use any of my commission work to promote myself and my business on my social media accounts and portfolio.

Commissions must be paid fully up front and are non-refundable after I've started working on them. I will only send the invoice when I'm ready to start working on the commission.

Additionnal fees may apply if the client asks for extensive corrections to be made after the sketch has been approved.

Turnaround time is usually one or two weeks, but may take longuer if the commission has multiple characters or complex elements.


Q: In what situation can a partial refund be possible?
I will only give a partial refund if:

You have explained to me why you need the money back (the reason has to be legitimate)The commission was worth more than 50$ USDThe commission wasn’t completed
If it were to happen, you will receive whatever I managed to complete before the refund was requested. Since I start working on commissions as soon as I receive payment, I will never give full refunds.

Q: Can I commission (insert type of drawing)? How much would it cost?
Sure! If you have something very specific in mind (ex: reference sheet, small comic, other kinds of work), I’m happy to do it for you. Please contact me for a quote.

*Please note: if you are interested in commissionning a reference sheet, I'm willing to work from a written description. However, the commission will be more expensive.

Q: What’s your turnaround time?
Usually it doesn't take me more than a week, but it can go up to two. I'll let you know if something prevents me from working on your commission.

Q: Can I send you my info/references via (any social media here)?
No. I require that you COMPLETELY fill the commission form I send you via e-mail. It helps me stay organized by keeping all the information I need in one place and makes the whole process much faster. Thank you for your understanding.

Q: I don’t have a specific idea for my commission. What do I write in the form?
You can simply write “creative freedom” or anything along those lines in the “describe your idea” section of the commission form. However, I will not accept to make any changes on your commission after it’s finished or after the sketch has been approved (unless there was a misunderstanding on my part).

Q: I want my character to be drawn with a squid/a small creature. How much will it cost?
For small and simple extra characters, I charge the same price I do for big props.

Q: What is X amount in Y currency?
It's not my job to do the currency conversion for you. Please do currency conversions yourself. All my prices are in USD dollars.

Q: Can you charge me in my own currency instead?
Because of the fluctuating conversion rates, I won't charge in any other currency than USD dollars.

Q: Hey, I didn't give you permission to post the commission! Why is it on your page?
According to my TOS, I have partial rights to my art, meaning I can post it to my social media and in my portfolio to promote myself and my work whenever I want. If you want the full rights to it, you will need to pay extra. The same goes if you plan to use it on monetized platforms such as Youtube, Twitch, Patreon and others of the like.

The only exception to this rule is if for example you'd rather I show the art on a specific day, like a birthday or an holiday.

Q: I'm only a small channel/it's a hobby, not my job. Why do I need to pay more?
The moment you're making any amount of money using an online platform, I consider it a small business, meaning my art would be used to make a profit. The prices above are for personnal use, not commercial use.

Available slots/Wait List

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Wait List

Interested in a commission? Send me an e-mail (bubbletaro.work@gmail.com) or a DM and we can discuss!